1. How can I locate an authorized Beach Handbags & Accessories retailer?
Beach Handbags & Accessories are available nationwide, both online and through retail partners Dillard’s, Von Maur, and other fine specialty shops. Please call 714.901.2000 or email to find an authorized Beach Handbags retailer near you.

2. May I return my Beach Handbag for repairs or replacement?
We want you to be completely satisfied with your Beach Handbags purchase. Please call 714.901.2000 or email us at for more information regarding our repairs and replacement policy

3. How can I contact a Beach Handbags customer service representative?
Please call 714.901.2000, 9am - 5pm (PST), Monday through Friday or fax 714.901.2011, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also email customer service at Our representatives will answer any product or company inquiries you have.

4. What if I place an order and Beach Handbags doesn't have the item in stock?
While we make every effort to maintain a generous supply of our stock, occasionally we run out of certain items. Please visit our website regularly to check item availability. If an item is not in stock, please revisit our site. If an item becomes unavailable after your order has been confirmed, we will notify you by email or telephone. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept back-orders at this time.

5. Does Beach Handbags & Accessories have a showroom?
Beach Handbags & Accessories has a showroom that is open to the public, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our showroom is located at 7402 Mountjoy Drive, Suite B, Huntington Beach, CA 92648. We welcome you to come in and view our entire collection. Purchases can be made directly from our showroom.

6. How do I clean my bag?
We recommend hand washing with a mild soap/detergent and air drying. If the stain is deep, use a soft scrubber. This will easily eliminate any unwanted marks or stains from everyday use. DO NOT Machine wash or tumble dry.

7. How are the bags and prints numbered?
Each bag has a style number where “B” indicates that it is from the “Beach” collection. Then the following numbers are for the year that it was designed and made available to the public. For instance, the Santa Monica Beach Large Carry-all is style number “B0401”, indicating that it was designed in 2004 and was the first style introduced into the collection that year.

Each print name begins with “BP” for “Beach Print” and ends with a number that corresponds to the order in which it was introduced into the Beach collection.

8. Where do the names for each bag come from?
The name for each bag is inspired by a different California beach.

9. Who designs and manufactures all of the bags and prints?
Our creative director, Karl Ozinga, designs all of the bags and accessories for Beach Handbags & Accessories. Great care and consideration is behind every feature’s functionality and aesthetic appearance. Each style goes through a rigorous test phase until it meets the quality standards that Beach is known for. Karl is also the creative mastermind behind the vibrant prints and patterns that exemplify Beach. After the styles and prints reach final approval, they go into production, where they are assembled entirely by hand.

10. How long does it take to receive my order after it is shipped?
Orders are processed Monday through Friday. In stock items will be shipped within two business days. You will be contacted by e-mail if your order cannot be filled completely within two days. Products are shipped via USPS or FedEx Ground.